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Board of Trustees

Officers and Board of Trustees of NicksClicks are NON paid, and are dedicated volunteers.



Betsy Esposito

Vice President

Angela Gartland


John Laskey


Denise Whipps

Board of Directors

Angela Winterbottom

Doug Kilgariff

Warren Flax

Kelsey Miller

A Message From Our Former President

Hi! My name is Angela Winterbottom, and I am the President of We are a Non Profit organization whose goal is to bring awareness and educate the public that Driving Under the Influence (DUI) should NEVER be accepted or tolerated in society today.


It was two days after Christmas when my beloved nephew, Nicholas Esposito, was in his car stopped at a red light and was slammed from behind by a man who was drunk and drugged and driving a vehicle at 11 am on a Sunday morning. Nick was severely injured and underwent immediate brain surgery. As a result of someone else Driving Under the Influence, Nick passed away from his injuries, just shy of his 20th birthday.


Nick was an unbelievably great kid, who left behind a devastated family and community that are still grieving his loss. At the trial for the man who killed him, the judge mentioned the "acceptance of DUI in society today", and it got us thinking. How often have you heard someone speak about how they drove home, "when they really shouldn't have"? How often have you done it, or knew of someone about to?? When did it become OK to accept Driving Under the Influence?


We realize what a huge undertaking it is to change the laid back attitude of DUI. However, we now know the truth behind the saying "until it happens to you". Every two minutes someone is injured in a DUI crash. Every two minutes! Clearly, the odds are against us all. is founded with the belief that we can educate the world to pledge NOT to DUI! Our passion for this cause runs as deep as our love for Nicholas Esposito.


All of our Officers and Board of Trustees are NON paid and volunteer their time, efforts and resources towards raising awareness of the ramifications of DUI. Every penny raised will be put towards our cause. Funding is needed for promotional materials and supplies, website maintenance, legal and accounting fees, as well as programs and incentives designed to promote Designated Drivers and safe rides home.


I am personally asking you to donate to help us spread our message. We do NOT want you to feel the pain and agony of losing a loved one to a senseless driver who is DUI. No dollar amount is too small, and all donations are tax deductible.


I so appreciate you taking the time to read this request. At the very least, please help us promote safe driving, and take the Pledge to never ever DUI, or knowingly let another person Drive Under the Influence. Help change the attitude toward DUI! It can NOT and will NOT be accepted or tolerated!!

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