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 Our Purpose

To help families financially and emotionally that have been impacted by DUI

Our Mission

To help families financially and emotionally that have been impacted by DUI

Our Story

A Single Day Can Change EVERYTHING!

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A Single Day Can Change Everything!

A single day can change everything! We will never forget September 27, 2016. On that day the man who killed Nick was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom. Tests proved a blood alcohol level of .199, approximately 2 -1/2 times the legal limit for operating a vehicle, as well as narcotics evident in his system. Put into perspective, his blood alcohol level was equivalent to consuming 10 drinks in a single hour. After pleading guilty he received a MINIMUM 3 year sentence. For those of us close to Nick it was shocking and seemed so absurd for the loss of Nick’s life. How was it possible that his sentence was so minimal, while our loss, pain and suffering was so maximum. During the trial the judge said something that struck a chord - “DUI is too acceptable in society now.” For us it was never more apparent than at that moment.


A single day can change everything! Nicholas Augustine Esposito was born February 3, 1996. It didn't matter if you had just met Nick that day or knew him from birth, he left with you a lasting impression, complete with a big smile and even bigger personality. Nick was vibrant, fun loving, caring, hardworking and above all a champion for the underdog. He was surrounded by a close knit family and an ever expanding circle of friends. Nick’s future seemed bright! He had just been promoted at work and was attending college. He had big plans, big dreams and big ambitions for his future.


A single day can change everything! December 27, 2015, at 11:01 am was a bright Sunday morning. Nick had spilled coffee on his pants at work and was on his way home to change. Nick stopped at a red light and was slammed into from behind by a man who was DUI. The impact was so violent that Nick’s car was forced into other vehicles and across lanes of traffic until finally his car spun around and landed on the sidewalk. Nick was inside with a broken leg and massive Traumatic Brain Injury. He immediately underwent surgery for the TBI and stayed with us on this earth for 25 more days. He was in a critical care unit, on a ventilator and never to respond to us ever again. Those excruciating 25 days were chronicled on a Community Page through Facebook called Nick's Click's, which was started to keep people up to date on Nick's progress while in the hospital. Nick's Click's was full of hope, faith, prayers, love and good vibes from people who were rooting for Nick.


A single day can change everything! say the least. And why? Because someone was Driving Under Influence. Avoidable ignorance killed to been life-altering, have, still a teenager, less than two weeks shy of his 20th birthday. The unbelievable anguish and grief caused to both a family and a community due to losing Nicholas 2016Nicholas Augustine Esposito died on January 21, our Nick. The senseless decision was made to drive a vehicle while impaired at 11:01 am on a Sunday morning.


A single day can change everything! Time to heed what the judge said! is founded with the belief that we are going to change the world's attitude about DUI. It just can NOT BE ACCEPTED! How often have you heard someone telling a story of how 'wasted' they were when they were driving from somewhere? What did you do or say...probably nothing, other than a head shake acknowledging they were DUI and driving. How often have you told that same story? Hard questions to ask, but incredulously we live in a world which tolerates this bad attitude and acceptance of DUI. We cannot let the acceptance of DUI continue. It starts with each and every one of us speaking up and letting others know it most certainly is NOT OK!! Help us spread the word!! Stop acting like it is 'no big deal' to drive while under any type of influence - whether it be alcohol, prescription drugs, non- prescription drugs, whatever the influence, just DO NOT DRIVE!!


A single day can change everything!  You may be at the bottom of this page, but this is not where our story ends. Not until there is no more injury, death, pain and suffering from DUI. "DUI is too acceptable in society now.” Help change a single day for the better!

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